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workshop press - h-frame press DIMAKIN

Workshop Presses

Manual and powered hydraulic presses from DIMAKIN. 30 to 160 ton capacity, adjustable height, many daylight and stroke options.



Manual and semi-automatic bandsaws. Industrial quality cutting suitable for small to large capacity workshops.

Coldsaws, Cold Saws, Metal Cutting Coldsaws, Cold Cut Metal Saws


All DIMAKIN coldsaws are powerful dual mitering machines, from single speed to fully adjustable and inverter driven.

Sheet Metal Shear DIMAKIN

Sheet Metal Shears

Hydraulic sheet metal shears are true workhorses of any workshop, making short work of large lengths of thick metals in seconds.

box and pan folder

Box and Pan Folder

The BP-1225 Box and Pan Folder from DIMAKIN is a must-have in every metal fabrication workshop. Its compact size makes it a perfect fit for premises with a tight floor plan.


In these videos, you will be able to see the various features and operations of each machine. Available on our website and Youtube channel!


Tube Polishers

Tube polishers or tube polishing machines are the ideal machines for polishing round tubes and round tube finishing, straight or bent.

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DIMAKIN stands for innovation.

Innovation through high performance metalworking machines.

At DIMAKIN we are focused on sourcing new production technologies and are aimed at improving the efficiency and quality of your business. We actively source and develop new fabrication technologies on a continuous basis, growing with our customers.

With decades of experience in the sector, and with locations in the UK, Poland, Germany, USA, Spain, and Portugal, DIMAKIN can actively share its knowledge and stock worldwide to ensure that the customer gets the best solution for their needs, every time.

The emphasis is to serve the customer with high-quality metal fabrication machinery professionally, and always with a guaranteed competitiveness.

Quality, professionalism, reliability, and value all define the DNA of DIMAKIN.

We don’t just sell equipment, we build partnerships!