About us - DIMAKIN Machinery stands for innovation
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DIMAKIN stands for innovation. Innovation through high performance metalworking machines.

Find out more about DIMAKIN and our multi national operation.

At DIMAKIN we are focused on sourcing new production technologies and are aimed at improving the efficiency and quality of your business. We actively source and develop new fabrication technologies on a continuous basis, growing with our customers.

DIMAKIN has decades of experience in the sector, with locations in the UK, Poland, Germany, USA, Spain, and Portugal. Because of this, DIMAKIN can actively share both knowledge and stock worldwide to ensure that the customer gets the best solution for their needs, every time.

The goal is to serve customers with high-quality metal fabrication machinery professionally, and with a guarantee of competitiveness.

Inspired by the goal to supply quality but affordable metal fabrication machinery, DIMAKIN strives to be the best source of manufacturing equipment in the UK and beyond.

Several things set DIMAKIN apart from other UK suppliers of machinery. For example, UK held stock. DIMAKIN are often able to provide the customer with their fabrication solution on a next day basis.

Furthermore, with a team of experienced engineers, DIMAKIN are capable of offering periodic service packages. This also allows them to be on call if the worst were to happen. Confidence in DIMAKIN’s ability to supply and maintain the customers operation is of maximum importance.

Quality, professionalism, reliability, and value all define the DNA of DIMAKIN.

We don’t just sell equipment, we build partnerships!

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