4 Tips to maximise the efficiency of your workshop
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4 Tips to maximise the efficiency of your workshop

Poor efficiency can very often mean lost money. There are many things that can bring inefficiency to your workshop, and one of them is downtime. Downtime can be very expensive. Here are a few tips to maximizing efficiency in your workshop, saving you time and money:

  1. Blade efficiency
  2. Communication is key
  3. Quality machinery
  4. Routine maintenance

#1 – Blade efficiency

A simple way to combat downtime is to ensure that you never run out of consumables. The first consumable that immediately comes to mind for metalworking machines is cutting blades. Whether it is a bandsaw blade or a coldsaw blade, always make sure you have backups. If, for any reason, there is an unexpected bandsaw blade break, you’re then covered.

For bandsaw blades, try to keep a minimum order level of several spare on the shelf. Never be on your last blade available. In the instance of coldsaw blades, the system also very simple. We suggest you initially purchase two blades for every coldsaw in your workshop. When one blade starts to dull, you can send it back to DIMAKIN for resharpening, a service much cheaper than purchasing a new blade. While one blade is being resharpened, you can use the other. The resharpened blade will be returned to you in plenty of time before your second blade goes dull. Repeat this process and you will never be without a blade, and your coldsaw should never experience any unexpected downtime.

#2 – Communication is key!

One of the simplest ways to increase productivity is by monitoring workflow. There will always be bottlenecks that you cannot see if you are not directly involved in the fabrication process. Both watch and consult your staff about their day-to-day operations to discover steps in the process which slow down the entire procedure. For example, is a certain part building up at the forming stage, leaving the welders twiddling their thumbs? Do you need to upgrade your bandsaw, or is your pillar drill past its best?

#3 – Quality machinery

Following on from the point above, your employees can only work as fast as their machinery will allow. If you give them subpar machinery, they will produce subpar products. It might also take them twice as long to make the product. However, if you make sure you invest in the right machinery, you’re also investing in your company’s success. This may be more expensive upfront but could save you hundreds of thousands in the long run.

#4 – Routine maintenance

To keep your quality machinery working at its best, you need to look after it with routing maintenance. You wouldn’t dream of driving a car 100,000 miles without a service, and we all must make sure it gets an MOT every year! Why should your expensive machinery investment be any different? DIMAKIN have their very own engineering department ready to arrange years, bi-annual, or one-off servicing packages for your machinery.

Maximise the efficiency of your workshop - Bandsaws
Maximise the efficiency of your workshop – Bandsaws

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