5 Key factors to consider when purchasing a metalworking machine?
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5 Key factors to consider when purchasing a metalworking machine?

Buying a new metalworking machine is often a very serious investment, worthy of serious consideration, and making the right choice matters. Below are five key considerations to make when approaching the purchase of a new piece of metal fabrication machinery.

#1 Define your needs

Identifying your problem and defining the solution will be the first consideration to any new machinery project. Whether you are replacing a broken metalworking machine or buying for the first time. Are you attempting to ease a bottleneck in your production queue that could be resolved with a second machine? Alternatively, are you looking to increase production with a larger capacity machine? It’s important to be clear on what it is you are trying to achieve, and what you need to achieve it.

2# To buy new or used metalworking machine?

Aside from its capacity to perform, cost is certainly a primary concern when purchasing new industrial equipment. Understanding your budget and working within it, is vital. A lot of new businesses with low capital choose to buy older, used machines to cut start-up investment costs. Sometimes this can be a great move. However, be wary of saving money in this way too often, as this likely means that the machine no longer has a warranty. How old is the machine? Are spare parts still readily available for the model? Is there an engineering support team to fall back on should the worst happen? Why is it being sold? Ask yourself lots of questions when considering second hand and used machinery.

Buying machinery is more than the physical item that sits in your workshop. Buying a metalworking machine to build your company well means starting on strong foundations, which is why buying brand new, although initially more expensive, can ultimately be the safest route to go.

3# Will the machine pay for itself?

A key question to ask yourself when making a new machinery investment is ‘how soon will this machine pay for itself?’. Large industrial machines can be expensive, costing tens of thousands of pounds – an eye watering amount. However, in the space of the next six months to a year you may be able to save yourself hundreds of thousands in areas you previously outsourced to. Alternatively, perhaps the machine has quadrupled your output capability, meaning you have more product to offer your customers.

Though, it isn’t just the initial purchase that carries a price tag. You must make considerations for things such as manpower engagement. Will the purchase of a new machine save you costs in more unconventional ways down the line? For example, a much faster bending machine could streamline a job that would have otherwise taken a worker an entire morning, reduced to just two hours. Perhaps a hydraulic shear would lessen two-men jobs to a single operator, freeing the second worker for other important duties! Time and manpower can be very expensive outgoings, and can often be overlooked as unavoidable. Nevertheless, the right key investment could open up a world of savings!

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4# Futureproofing your asset

When purchasing a metalworking machine that will last decades, it is important to consider your growth plans for the future of the business. By buying a smaller machine you could be restricting yourself to solely your current applications. However, by buying a machine that is too overpowered, you will have paid good money for capacity or features you will never use. Wasted potential.

What you need to seriously consider is are you likely to outgrow the machinery sooner than you would prefer? No one wants to have to re-buy the same machine, but larger, only a year down the road.

Future proofing your workshop is extremely important. Very often new equipment can bring with it new opportunities. Developing your current products, and opening more doors. It would always be very sensible to buy a machine with some freedom in capacity for any future advancements that were unforeseen at the time of buying.

Buy it once, and buy it right.

5# Trust your purchase

As briefly touched upon in a previous point, buying machinery is more than the physical item that sits in your workshop. You need confidence in the company you are investing in, and buy from people you trust. Are you covered if anything goes wrong? How long is the warranty period?

All DIMAKIN employees have at least a decade of experience in selling and using metalworking machinery each! Accumulatively, that’s dozens of years of fabrication experience using and selling. That is a characteristic that produces confidence you are dealing with the right people. For more information on what you can expect after you buy a metalworking machine from DIMAKIN, you can read more in this previous article.

More about your next Metalworking Machine

As we always like to say, once you buy a DIMAKIN metalworking machine, you’re a part of the DIMAKIN family for the lifetime of your machine.

Got a question about a new application you want to give a try in our showroom? If so, give us a call or email! Need some advice on how to use your machine? There’s no deadline when you can ask us by.