Autostyl and their new machinery: Tube Bender and Coldsaw machines
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Autostyl and their new machinery: Tube Bender and Coldsaw machines

Autostyl are absolutely smashing it with the new DIMAKIN workshop. Several machines, including a tube bender, coldsaw, and a tube notcher, are helping Autostyl to smash it out of the park when it comes to roll cage fabrication.

Not only are Autostyl serving their customers with custom and bespoke roll cage packages, but they are also taking part in the RetroRace Uphill in a custom 1994 Grumman LLV van! (think classic USPS postal van!). We are eagerly watching Autostyl’s fantastic progress in this project and wish them the best. Feeling proud of having had some part in their success with their DIMAKIN machinery.

See the day Autostyl collected their machinery from DIMAKIN here

Enjoy these Tube Bender videos from Autostyl

Check out how Autostyl are making their tube bender work for them with custom roll cage:

Getting further into Autostyl cage design for the Retro Race using our DIMAKIN Tube Bender

Keep up to date with their fantastic Retro Race progress here!

We are feeling proud of having had some part in their success with their DIMAKIN machinery.


There are two main ways to perform tube bending. Mandrel bending, or mandrel-less bending, also called empty bending.


During mandrel bending, as the name suggests, a supportive ‘mandrel’ is inserted into the tube or pipe. This supportive structure on the inside walls prevents it from breaking or wrinkling during the bend. This is particularly important when bending thin-walled material. This is since the thinner walled material has less structural integrity. Traditionally, this could be performed with sand packing. This is the act of sealing one end, packing the tube tightly with sand, and sealing the other end. However, technological advances mean that the more common method is with complex and expensive machinery.


Empty bending, on the other hand, is the action of putting a radius in hollow materials. Materials such as tube or pipe without the use of a mandrel. Because you are not using a mandrel to support the material from deforming, empty bending is more often performed with material with thicker walls. Greater wall thickness allows it to support itself during manipulation and can resist deformation and wrinkling during the process.

If you’re bending a tight centreline radius, you’ll be looking for a rotary draw bender or tube bender. Rotary Draw Bending is the act of pulling, or drawing, your material through dies to form a bend. Therefore, they are best suited to bending tight radii in material with thicker walls.

With a DIMAKIN machine, the material is hooked into a former die, and pressed securely to a brass counter die. With the simple press of a foot pedal, a pre-programmed DRO rotates the forming die, and pull through the material. Once material spring back is accounted for, your Tube Bender machine can bend consistently. Reliably bending with an accuracy of ± 0.05° for great repeatability, bend after bend.

Built in Portugal to the very highest EU standards, DIMAKIN’s tube and pipe bending ranges are among some of the best tube and pipe bending equipment in the world.

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