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Buying your first column style drill press or pillar drill

So, you decided on the pillar drill or column style drill press you need for your workshop, and you have just checked out on DIMAKIN’s online store. What can you expect next? When will you receive your DP-3810-A?


When you purchase a machine that is in UK stock, we will work our hardest to make sure the machine leaves that very same day, for delivery next day. Not only does this fast delivery reduce the chance of any damage to your machine, but it is also the standard of service we like to hold ourselves to. We want you to be able to start using your machinery immediately!

However, with some machines, such as pillar drills and workshop presses, it works a little different. These machines are especially difficult to ship, owing to their upright, unstable nature. Because of this, we employ dedicated drivers to transport certain machines directly from our door to yours. No truck changes, or transfer depots. From warehouse to workshop. Additionally, this also helps you narrow down exactly when your delivery will arrive to an extremely specific time frame! Perfect for busy schedules.

Column Style Drill Press


As soon as you have made your purchase, one of our staff at DIMAKIN will contact you to arrange delivery. With a few questions we can work out how to best deliver your new floor standing pillar drill.

  • Where are you located?
  • What days do you open?
  • What days are you free to take delivery?
  • Do you have a forklift?
  • What times are you available?
  • Are there any obstacles that may prevent large delivery vehicles?

We pride ourselves on working closely with both customers and couriers to arrange days that best suit your busy schedule. Deliveries can sometimes be as soon as tomorrow, but also can be booked in for several months’ time. After that new concrete floor is ready, or after your new mezzanine has been built!

Now delivery has been arranged, you can sit back, and relax, your pillar drill is being prepared. Shortly it will be on its way exactly as arranged! Ready for its new life in your workshop.


The DP-3810-A is an incredibly versatile and robust machine. Sometimes called Column Style, or Floor Standing Drills, they sacrifice low weight and portability for higher power and higher accuracy. Due to the sheer size of the column, flexing is entirely a thing of the past, even at maximum capacity. For example, even on the smallest pillar drill of DIMAKIN’s range, the DP-2540-M, the column diameter is 92mm wide. This in turn only increases to 115mm for the DP-3810-A.

The DP-3810-A from DIMAKIN is the largest capacity drill press from the standard range of pillar drills. Benefitting from all the important features of the other models, this MT4 column drill includes an integral flood coolant system. This fluid recirculation keeps both the material and the machine running at optimum temperatures, ensuring perfect quality machining every time.

Additionally, this model also features a limit switch connected safety guard, ensuring maximum security when operating, and a fully adjustable LED work light to keep your workspace illuminated.

The DP-3810-A is inverter driven over two main speed functions, making its variable speed ability extremely precise. On low, the spindle can be precision controlled with the inverter between 65 and 540RPM, and on high, the inverter driven system can operate between 245 and 2000RPM, indicated with the digital read out in the head. With the ability to drill 40mm steel and 45mm in cast iron, it makes light work of industrial level fabrication.

Unlike its smaller counterparts, this pillar drill has another trick up its sleeve. This drill can switch between automatic of manual quill feed, making drilling and tapping that bit easier!

Despite all these features, this machine is still single phase and 240V.


  • Robust column for perfect accuracy and zero flexing
  • Heavy duty build quality for years of fabrication
  • Inverter driven head for precise control
  • Automatic quill feed
  • Fully integrated coolant system
  • Fully adjustable LED worklight as standard
  • Safety guard with limit switch shut off

If you have any more questions regarding DIMAKINs industrial floor standing pillar drills, get in touch! You can email us at, or call us at 02476 210 123

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You could have your Pillar Drill DP-3810-A tomorrow, so what are you waiting for?!