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Colin Furze and his DIMAKIN machinery!

Over the past decade Colin Furze has amassed over 10 million subscribers with his crazy contraptions and bizarre inventions. Working on projects such as the Ford’s Hoverbike, the life-sized Hulkbuster from the Avengers universe, and not to mention the ‘World’s Fastest Bumper Car’ world record with Top Gear, for example! 

DIMAKIN are proud to be able to participate towards the success of Colin and his exceptional YouTube channel. We are looking forward to seeing the amazing inventions he will fabricate in the future with his DIMAKIN machinery!

Keep your eyes peeled for more DIMAKIN machines in future Colin Furze videos in the future, who knows what he will come up with next!

We’re looking forward to working together in the future, and like we always say;

We don’t just sell equipment, we build partnerships!

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