DIMAKIN machines are cheaper than other suppliers, why? DIMAKIN Machinery
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DIMAKIN machines are cheaper than other suppliers, why?

DIMAKIN metalworking machines are very often cheaper than other suppliers.

DIMAKIN was founded on the idea that good quality metalworking machinery should not have to cost the customer the earth. It is with that goal, that purchasing from DIMAKIN is truly an investment for the future of your company.

Why are DIMAKIN machines cheaper?

Of course, the first consideration of a machinery purchase is the basic cost.

At DIMAKIN, we value good customer relationships over profit margin; we endeavour to provide the best quality metal fabrication machinery at the best price around.

Unlike most suppliers, rather than the relationship ending after the sale, DIMAKIN would prefer to keep you as a customer for life.

To build and share knowledge, and for your success to grow with ours.  

Affordable Price Machines

However, in addition to the unbeatable prices, DIMAKIN machines are very often the best machinery on the market for many other reasons, too.

For example, not only is your machine at a great price originally, but you are also offered free next day delivery as standard!

This means you can start your production lines (and start making money!) almost immediately, for free!

High Performing and Quality Machines

At DIMAKIN we subscribe to the motto that you should buy it once and buy it right. Purchasing anything less than the best quality often ends up as a false economy.

Perhaps you could save yourself some money buying a smaller, cheaper sheet metal shear. However, over the next five years you may well need to replace the worse quality machine more than once, actually losing yourself money.

Maybe you choose to buy a high-street chop saw, but then realise that frequent blade replacements are eating away at your profit margins.

With DIMAKIN, you will be ‘buying it right’, meaning peace of mind that you will never need to buy again.

DIMAKIN metalworking machines are very often cheaper than other suppliers.

No Hidden Extras

Another fantastic reason to buy from DIMAKIN is that, once you have your machine, you will find that it often comes with parts many other machinery retailers consider as extra.

For example, your pillar drill will always come with the correct chuck and taper as standard. Your bandsaw will come pre-fitted with a quality bandsaw blade for immediate use. The cost you pay is very often the complete cost. No hidden extras.


Finally, your machine comes standard with both a 12-month warranty, and a lifetime promise of free technical advice from our experts. At no extra charge.


Not only do our experts have collective decades of experience, but they are UK based. Our staff are ready to speak to you on the phone, via email, or even to come out and repair your machine if the worst were ever to happen.

At DIMAKIN we will do our best to reduce your down-time to an absolute minimum. Yet another characteristic of the DIMAKIN experience that helps you not only make money, but also prevent you from losing money.

By now we’ve established several of the less-obvious ways in which a DIMAKIN metal fabrication machinery purchase can both save and make you money, both up front and in the long term.


However if you’re still on the fence, feel free to contact one of our experts. Call us 02476 210 123 or email at sales@dimakin.co.uk, and arrange a showroom appointment today!