Full range of C-Frame Hydraulic Press Machines: from 30 to 250 ton
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Full range of C-Frame Hydraulic Press Machines: from 30 to 250 ton

C-Frame Hydraulic Press Machines are extremely versatile and can be used for many applications across several different industries.

At DIMAKIN we are focused on sourcing new production technologies and are aimed at improving the efficiency and quality of your business. We actively source and develop new fabrication technologies on a continuous basis, growing with our customers.

With decades of experience in the sector, and with locations in the UK, Poland, Germany, USA, Spain, and Portugal, DIMAKIN can actively share its knowledge and stock worldwide to ensure that the customer gets the best solution for their needs, every time.

C-Frame Presses

Also sometimes referred to as a Gap Frame Press, C-Frame hydraulic press machines are named because of its unique frame forming a ‘C’ shape around the bolster and slide plate that make the working area of the press.  Similarly, other presses such as A-Frame and H-Frame presses exist in the same way.  C-frame presses often take up less floor space than other metalworking machinery, while providing great functionality and minimal stroke deflection. Just like other hydraulic presses, C-frame presses are extremely versatile and can be used for many applications across several different industries.

The general design of a C-Frame Press consists of the rigid steel framework, hydraulic cylinder, and upper and lower platens. These are also known as the slide table and the bolster table. 

Hydraulic press machines such as the C-Frame Press range come in standard configurations but are also customisable to suit the customer’s needs. Specifically, DIMAKIN C-Frame Presses come in 30-ton, 60-ton, 100-ton, 150-ton, 200-ton, and 250-ton versions as standard, but others can be requested.

In general, C-frame presses go on to be fitted with a variety of different tooling to allow for bending, punching, cutting or straightening applications, and many more.

Common Applications of C-Frame Hydraulic Press Machines

One of the most common applications of a C-Frame press is stamping. During the stamping process, a tool called a die, is used to shape parts by applying pressure. Often using sheet metal such as copper, titanium, stainless steel, or aluminium, the ram then pushes the sheet metal through the die creating the required shape. For example, car body parts.

Furthermore to stamping, manufacturers often use hydraulic presses for more applications, including:


Fastening two or more parts together with a hydraulic assembly press.


Applying pressure to material, usually flat sheet or strip metal, by moving it around an axis and applying stress. The bend is then permanently set when elastic deformation becomes plastic deformation.


Cutting out a piece of metal, or a blank, and then retaining that piece of metal.


Highly compressing all surfaces of a workpiece within a closed-die system.


An object produced by the compression of powdered material, typically done with a custom hydraulic compaction press.


An assembly technique that uses a custom assembly press and appropriate tool to fold and flatten material so that two pieces are securely fastened together via pinching action. This technique is commonly used to join sheet metal parts.


A process using a custom hydraulic press that creates imprinted designs in sheet material with male and female dies. Theoretically with no change in metal thickness.


Cutting or punching an opening, such as a hole in sheet material, plate or various parts with a hydraulic C-frame floor press.

Press fitting

Assembling parts with an interference fit.


Bending, twisting, or stretching to correct any deviation from straightness in bars, tubes, or similar long parts or shapes.


Typically, a secondary cutting or shearing operation on a previously formed, drawn or forged part. Basically, the goal is to ‘trim’ surplus metal off the edges, bringing the part to the desired shape and size.

Hydraulic Press Industries

C-frame hydraulic presses can be useful in an amazing range of industries, which often include; aerospace manufacturingautomotive manufacturing, industrial, marinemedicalmilitary and defence, and more.

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