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Health and Safety With Metal Cutting Machinery

Metal Cutting Machinery from DIMAKIN: your safety first!

Metalworking can be a dangerous activity. Whether it is your occupation or your pastime, it is important that you pay serious attention to safety when working with machinery. Both your own, and the safety of those around you. At DIMAKIN we take our part of this obligation very seriously. It is for this reason that all DIMAKIN machines are fully compliant with current CE safety regulations at any time.

In the instance of cutting machinery, the balance between allowing the machine to cut material, and stopping it from cutting humans, is fraught with balance. Of the cutting machinery currently in the DIMAKIN range, there are many features that assist in the safety of the operator. Whether it is you, or your employees. Below we will summarise some of the ways you can be assured that your DIMAKIN machinery is as safe as it can be.



  • EMERGENCY STOPS – All DIMAKIN bandsaws fulfil the very basic obligation that powered machinery must have a prominently displayed push button. These CE compliant buttons are a basic staple for safety. 40mm wide, red, they conform to all CE requirements by locking when hit. This action, as with all emergency stop buttons, entirely ceases all power to the machine until deliberately reset.
  • GUARDING – From the smallest, the Bandsaw BS-270-SM, to the largest, all bandsaws have guarding everywhere that the blade is not required to contact material. When setting up your cut, depending on the material, you will be required to advance or withdraw the blade guide. Attached to this blade guide are red safety guards. The same red blade guide protects any exposed blade teeth on the other side, near the swarf removal brush.
  • BLADE TENSION GAUGE – While not immediately obvious as a safety feature, the blade tension gauge is also an important security mechanism. Although predominantly used to ensure consistent cut quality, without it, operators could not accurately assess the blade tension. Over tightening of the blade could cause it to snap. Under tensioning the blade could lead to it overloading on the material and also snapping. Both of which could cause serious injury to the operator or nearby workers.
  • BACK PANEL – All DIMAKIN bandsaws have limit switch enabled back panels. A very simple mechanism to remove the possibility of the operator using the machine without the back guard in place. Without the guard, two missing pins will not allow the machine to be powered.


  • EMERGENCY STOPS – Much like the bandsaws, all DIMAKIN coldsaws have CE compliant emergency stops which disables the operation of the machine when depressed. Only upon deliberately reactivating the switch will power return to the coldsaw.
  • GUARDING – The nature of a coldsaw means that its blade is immediately in front of the operators face. DIMAKIN ensures that this area is remarkably well protected with an almost full guard. When not in use, the guard will be fully deployed and no blade will be exposed. However, when in operation, the more decent the user puts on the blade, the more the blade will expose. The blade will only ever expose as much as necessary for the operation at hand.
  • TRIGGER SWITCH – Unlike the bandsaws, which can be operated via trigger switch or continually-powered, the coldsaws from DIMAKIN rely solely on a trigger switch for operation. The advantage of this trigger switch is that in the event of needing to instantly stop the machine – all the operator must do is let go. The machine will stop immediately. Additionally, a return spring at the back of the machine will pull the head back to its resting position. This in turn employs the full guarding of the coldsaw’s default position.

You can be assured that your DIMAKIN Metal Cutting Machinery is as safe as it can be


  • EMERGENCY STOP – This is becoming a common feature! Not only in cutting machinery, but all machinery, no matter what type, must also always have a CE compliant emergency stop. It is as simple as that.
  • FINGER GUARDING – You want to be able to insert your material into the blades path. However, you don’t want to be able to insert your fingers into the blades path! All DIMAKIN shears have CE compliant guarding up front allowing material to be inserted, but not your body parts!
  • LIGHT CURTAIN AND RESET – In the case of the powered hydraulic shears, such as the HS-1320 and HS-1335, there exists electronic light curtains in addition to physical barriers. If you are not familiar with these, then here is a quick explanation; Think a laser beam in a museum from a spy-movie. A light beam passes from one side of the shear’s guarding to the other. An uninterrupted beam means no obstruction. This obstruction could be a human involved with the dangerous anatomy of the machine, and as such, it will not activate. Upon resetting the light-curtain, the machine will allow power.

Quick Checklist for safety when working with Metal Cutting Machinery

As safety is of the utmost importance to DIMAKIN, we take it very seriously, and we hope you do the same! In addition to our extensive safety features in-built to our machinery there are many more things you can do in your workshop to keep safety paramount.

Starting from the top and working down, consider each part of the body and how you can protect it in your particular environment. Here’s a quick checklist to help you.

  • Head – Do you workers need helmets for your particular workplace?
  • Eyes – Eye protection is a must! Only a small piece of swarf can mean a lifetime of disability.
  • Ears – Ear protection is extremely important for machinists. Look after your hearing!
  • Mouth – Are you working around dust or other hazardous materials? Think about masks!
  • Hands – Gloves are essential for worker safety. With many options available, always look after your hands.
  • Body – Are workers working around others? Vehicles or moving parts? Then they must be easily seen! High visibility jackets can be a life saver.
  • Legs – Often overlooked, workers that stand for long periods can suffer painful ailments. Consider fatigue mats.
  • Feet – You never want to risk dropping anything onto an unprotected foot. Always wear protective footwear, such as steel toecapped boots.

More about DIMAKIN Metal Cutting Machinery?

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