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Hydraulic Workshop Presses: Showroom in Coventry

Hydraulic Workshop Presses in a fully working showroom in Coventry

We pride ourselves on our customers being 100% assured the machine they buy is the right one for their workshop. That is why we have a fully working showroom in the centre of the country, for customers to see and even use DIMAKIN machines before their purchase.

In this Coventry showroom, we display one of each model, fully built and powered, ready to use.

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Do you want to see the build quality of DIMAKIN machines for yourself? Or do you even want physically to test your real-world application before making the purchase? Visiting the showroom is the ideal way to achieve peace of mind pre-purchase.

DIMAKIN’s fully working showroom is located in Coventry. Just 10 minutes (5 miles) drive from the M6, Junction 2.

If you would like to come and see the machines in person or even get hands-on and use the machines for your application before you make up your mind, call us and make a showroom appointment on +44 (0)2476 210 123 today!

DIMAKIN Workshop Presses

About the Workshop Presses

One of the many machines that take pride of place in the showroom is the Workshop Press range. This range starts at a 30-ton capacity, manually operated machine, and goes all the way up to a 160-ton capable goliath of press.

Sometimes called H-Frame Presses, due to their frame shape, you have both manual and powered options. However, over 30 tons, it is best to leave the hard work to the hydraulics! These presses are extremely robust, manufactured from over an inch thick of hardened steel in some areas.

Oil tank in the head

High quality hydraulic lines feed from an integrated oil tank in the head. Which allows the footprint of the machine to only ever be as be as its frame. This is unlike some competitor models, where the oil tank is bolted on to the side of the machine, extending its footprint considerably, and becoming a weak spot.

Handle for fine-tune control

In addition to this capability, all machines come with handle for fine-tune control, allowing for precision; whether they are manual versions or powered versions. While the manual version is singly controlled, the powered versions come with a motor control handle, and a manual adjustment handle.

DIMAKIN Workshop Presses

Easy-view pressure gauges

All our workshop presses now available from DIMAKIN have easy-view pressure gauges to keep perfect track of your operation. Similarly to the oil tank, this is fully integrated into the resilient frame of the machine.

Chain-lifting features

With the heavy-duty nature of these machines, it is easy to assume that their weight can sometimes become an issue for a single operator to adjust. However, all models above the manual range come prepared with chain-lifting features. This allows a single operator to lift the heavy beam with the aid of the machine’s own hydraulics! This ingenious feature allows the fabricator to adjust the beam to the many heights available, unassisted. Simply attach the chain to the eyelets either side of the shaft and raise it!

CE compliant guidelines

Furthermore, all DIMAKIN workshop presses work within all CE compliant guidelines. These machines adhere to working speed regulations to keep the safety of operators of paramount importance.

V-blocks as standard

Lastly, unlike many alternative UK suppliers, DIMAKIN workshop presses come with V-blocks as standard. No extra costs, just everything you need to get working right away.

DIMAKIN Workshop Presses

Key features on all models:

  • 30 – 160 ton capacity as standard (more available).
  • Moveable heads.
  • V-Blocks as standard.
  • Powered or manually adjusted.
  • Precision control.
  • Easy-view pressure gauge.
  • Compact and rigid design for zero flex.

Hydraulic Workshop Presses: from 30-ton to 160-ton

You could have your Hydraulic Workshop Press tomorrow, so what are you waiting for?!