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Installation of your DIMAKIN machinery

Installation, commission, and training.

If you require it, DIMAKIN can offer the complete package. From the initial sales expertise, all the way through to offload, commission, and training. Covering you for more than just the supply of the machine, DIMAKIN can provide the specialized services that will deliver more than just the machine on location. Whatever level of additional services you require, DIMAKIN can accommodate you.  

We have covered our sales and shipping process at length before. However, if you would like to read more about those topics you can find them on the FAQ page, or on various past news. Here, we are going to focus on what happens if you ask DIMAKIN to handle extended aspects of your machines installation.

Installation of a C-Frame Press

Take for example the recent installation, commission, and training of a C-Frame Press CFP-60T at HVC Supplies.

This 60 ton capacity C-Frame Press was commissioned by a small team of experts and included set up, testing, and a short training session that allowed the operators to begin using their machine with a level of confidence that would not be possible if the relationship ended at delivery. You’re able to opt into any of the extra services.

Though, if you choose, you can request that the following is handled by DIMAKIN…  


For a standard delivery, DIMAKIN offer curbside delivery free of charge for all machines. That is, transportation to your premises ready for you to offload and bring into your workshop with your own equipment.

At your request, DIMAKIN can arrange to give that extra level of service, and will offload the machine and skate it into place at your location. Expert machine movers can skate your machine into any place of your choosing in this way without you lifting a finger.


The next level of service available on request is commission. Depending on the machine, this can either be quite simple, or rather complex. Because of this, it is difficult to say what it will involve in a summary. However, full commissioning of machines can include;

  •  Levelling
  • Securing into ground
  • Electrical connections
  • Filling with oil
  • Pre-installation safety check
  • Cleaning
  • Testing of all systems
  • Signing off

Finally, after the commission of a machine, and a full operational breakdown, an installation report will be provided, allowing full peace of mind that your machine is fully up and running!

Your green light for years of fabricating.   


The last key aspect of ensuring you are fully prepared to get the most out of your machinery is training. Whether it’s a quick run down, or multi-day training, our expert engineers can provide training for all nominated operators of the equipment. Training of allocated machine operators will receive a certificate of competence, signifying they have completed the training.


If you have any more questions, or if you would like to arrange anything discussed, contact us!

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