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LA Lightbars industrial polishing machine!

LA Lightbars, based in Boston, UK, design and manufacture a wide range of high-quality polished stainless-steel custom lightbars and side skirts for trucks & vans, and recently purchased a CNC mandrel tube bender from AMOB UK to boost their manufacturing capacity in their rapidly growing business.

At the same time as bringing this vital operation in house, LA Lightbars procured an industrial sized tube polishing machine from DIMAKIN. This machine is capable of producing a mirror polish on all sizes of tube and pipe between Ø40-114mm, enabling them to return the mirror polish shine to stainless steel on bends after the process of mandrel bending, which can naturally leave some marking.

The tube and pipe polishing machine, which includes features such as automatic soap application to the buffing wheels, will be a vital part of LA Lightbars’ day-to-day operations, and will enable them to efficiently and effectively serve their customers with top-quality UK fabricated lightbars for many years to come. We look forward to seeing them succeed.  

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