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Make your ring roller as productive as possible

We’re often asked, ‘which is the right ring roller for me?’

Well, besides the obvious capacity limitations, there are several more questions to ponder to find the right machine for you. Is repeatability important? Highly repeatable or good enough for small batches? How much bent tube will you be producing? Will the tube require finishing?

Our experts are here to help you decide with your specific application, but below are some quick considerations to make.

All Ring Rollers are powered – no manual cranking!

Right away, one of the most obvious time savers is that all DIMAKIN ring rollers are powered.

We are often faced with people entering the market into DIMAKIN’s range of powered ring rollers and they all say the same thing; my back cannot take hand-cranking this material anymore! Luckily for you, we have your back (pun intended!) All of our machines are powered, starting from single phase, and ending up in three phase for the beefier machines. With a simple depression of a foot pedal, the rollers will turn and your machine will feed through effortlessly. Both forwards and backwards!

Segmental Tooling as Standard!

Our machines are supplied off-the-shelf with a standard set of segmental tooling rings of various widths.

This allows for many different configurations right off the bat. This basic tooling set is suitable for varying sizes of; solid bar, box section, rectangle, and more! Then, based on what your application is, we can supply specific tooling separately for your exact needs. We don’t want to sell you tooling out of the box that you won’t ever use!

Additional tooling!

We carry tooling for all popular sizes of tube and pipe, but additionally, we can supply special custom sizes.

If your application is an extrusion, or otherwise unusual shape, we can custom make you your special profile dies.  Additionally, these can be made in nylon or steel depending on your application, just ask!

Dimakin Hydraulic Ring Roller RH 603
DIMAKIN Hydraulic Ring Roller RH 603

Time to spare for finishing?

You will notice that all our models end with the number 2 or the number 3.

This number corresponds with how many powered rolls the machine has. Our smaller machines tend to have two powered rolls, and the larger capacity machines have three. Two-drive-rolled machines require toothed standard tooling, whereas three-driven-rolled machines can operate with smooth tooling. Though it is not the case with all tooling in two-driven-rolled machines, toothed tooling can leave marking that can require finishing. That’s fine if time is not at a premium. However, get a machine with smooth rollers? Your post-bending finishing work is already at a minimum!

Accuracy and repeatability?

Whatever you want to call it. Ring rolling, section bending, profile bending, or just tube bending. At it’s very best, it is a black art that requires some time to master.

With DIMAKIN machines, though, you’re able to reduce this time significantly with your choice of bending machine. Building up gradually throughout the range is increasing sophistication in repeatability technology.

Starting with the RM-502, we have a remarkably simple mitered gauge and corresponding dial. This is perfect for those one-off jobs where repeatability is not a concern at all.

Next, we move to the RM-602, which features the same technology as before, but with the addition of locking nuts. This additional feature allows for a respectable level of repeatability.

Lastly, we move into hydraulic and DRO territory. With a digital readout, you can set and save your settings for next time. Coupling this with the hydraulically actuated top-roll descent, repeatability is at an all time high.

Is the floor getting in the way of your imagination?!

Bending bigger than the ground will allow? Is gravity bringing you down? Just lay down the machine!

All DIMAKIN ring roller machines can be operated in an upright or horizontal position. So, when you’re bending such large radii that the floor will interfere with your operation, you can just switch to horizontal operation! It’s that easy!

Need to bend coils or spirals? This machine will do it too!

DIMAKIN machines really do pack in a lot of features for not only their size, but their price range in the industry.

Using the two guide rolls either side of the tooling will not only help support your material while in a horizontal position, but can also assist in creating spirals or coils by pushing the material consistently outward as it is fed by the ring roller.

By now you may have decided which roller is best for you.
The only thing left to do is get fabricating! If, however, you have any more questions, just give us a call or an email and we will be happy to help!