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New products available!

As promised last year, the first of the new 2021 product ranges are coming to the store!  

It’s a buzz of excitement at DIMAKIN’s UK HQ, as two new types of machine are set to arrive in the coming weeks, and are available for backorder as early as now!

Almost ten new models in two brand new categories. All of these new machines in the ranges will be available to view, demonstrate, and use in our Coventry premises. Here you are free to bring along your own material or application to test which model best suits your needs.

Which machines are next arriving in the UK?

Of all the exciting new arrivals expected in 2021, the next two are; Workshop Presses, and Roller Tables.

New Products Available

Workshop Presses

Roller Tables

Dimakin Roller Table RTO 2000

Workshop Presses

Workshop presses are often invaluable piece of equipment for a fabrication workshop, without which many would be lost! It is important then, to have the right machine, and to have peace of mind that it will never fail on you! Arriving very shortly in the UK, and available for backorder now, is a full range of industrial workshop presses. Both manual and powered.

All workshop presses now available from DIMAKIN have easy-view pressure gauges to keep perfect track of your operation. In addition to this ability, all machines come with handle for fine tune control, allowing for precision; whether they are manual or powered.

With the heavy-duty nature of these machines, it is easy to assume that their weight can sometimes pose an issue for a single operator to adjust. Fear not. Because of this, all models above the manual range come equipped with chain-lifting features. This allows a single operator to lift the heavy beam with the aid of the machine’s own hydraulics! This ingenious feature allows the fabricator to adjust the beam to the many heights available, unassisted.  

Furthermore, all DIMAKIN workshop presses work within all CE compliant guidelines. These machines adhere to working speed regulations to keep the safety of operators of paramount importance.

Key features on all models:

  • 30 – 160 ton capacity as standard (custom available).
  • Moveable heads.
  • Powered or manually adjusted.
  • Precision control.
  • Easy-view pressure gauge.
  • Compact and rigid design for zero flex.

Manual and Powered Workshop Presses

– New products available –

Roller Tables

Two types of roller table are now available for order at These are; RTO, and RTI styles. As you may be able to guess, the RT stands for Roller Table. But what does the I and O stand for?

The answer is infeed and outfeed, which defines their primary design functions. The difference between these two styles of machine is in the scaled material stop featured on the RTO outfeed roller table models. This lockable mechanism allows for accurate repeatability, and is perfect as a companion to DIMAKIN coldsaws and bandsaws. If you’re looking for high quantity and repeatability in your fabrication, this style model is essential. If, however, repeatability is not a concern, then the RTI infeed roller tables work for both in or out feeding of material.

Both styles of roller table come in both two and three metre lengths. However, they have the capacity to be connected to one another indefinitely. This allows for infinitely long roller tables as per your requirements!

With eight or twelve heavy-duty rollers, and an 800kg capacity, these roller tables will be an invaluable contribution to improving the efficiency and productivity of your workshop for many years. In addition, with an adjustability between 600mm and 1000mm in height, can be used with almost any coldsaw or bandsaw; DIMAKIN or other. We are excited to bring them into the DIMAKIN range of products in 2021.

Key features on all models:

  • 2000mm or 3000mm x 300mm working area dimensions.
  • Lockable position scale and material stop on the RTO range.
  • Adjustable height range between 600mm and 1000mm.
  • Eight or twelve heavy duty supportive rollers.
  • 800kg maximum load capacity on all models.

Infeed and Outfeed Roller Tables

– New products available –

Do you have any question about new products?

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