New videos from DIMAKIN Machinery!
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New videos from DIMAKIN Machinery!

New videos available on our website and Youtube channel!

Sometimes pictures just aren’t enough. You need to see the machine working! For example, just how easy is it to change the tooling on a ring roller? How do electronic light curtains on hydraulic shears improve the safety of the machine? Perhaps you are interested in seeing the few simple steps to creating a perfect 90-degree tube bend.

Because of this, we have started a YouTube channel that shows each machine up and working. In these videos, you will be able to see the various features and operations of each machine. Eventually, we will have the entire DIMAKIN range available to view, but for now we have ten machines in three categories complete.  

The first three machine ranges up on the new YouTube channel are guillotines, tube benders, and ring rollers!

The ten initial videos are:

Sheet Metal Shears

From foot powered treadle guillotines to industrial hydraulic shears, see our range of shears in action, including some handy features!

  • HS-1316M – A manual treadle operated foot shear with a 1.6mm mild steel capacity over the full length of 1320mm
  • HS-1320 – The first in the hydraulic series, with a 2mm mild steel capacity over the full length of 1320mm
  • HS-1335 – A larger version of the HS-1320, with a 3.5mm mild steel capacity over the full length of 1320mm


Roll Bending Machines

DIMAKIN ring rollers range from manual descent two powered-roll-machines all the way to hydraulic descent, three-powered-roll-machines.

  • RM-502 Entry level into tube and section rolling machinery. Powered machine with a manual top-roll descent, and a maximum capacity of 50mm Ø × 2mm tube.
  • RM-602 – The next level up from the RM-502 ring roller, powered with a 60mm Ø × 2mm tube WT capacity.
  • RH-602 – The first in the series of hydraulic top roll descent roll bending machines, with a 60mm Ø × 2mm WT tube capacity.
  • RH-603 – The first in the entire range with three driven rolls rather than two, with a 60mm Ø × 2mm WT tube capacity.
  • RH-703 – The largest in the standard range of roll bending machines from DIMAKIN, with a 70mm Ø × 3mm tube WT capacity.


Tube Bending Machines

All tube benders from DIMAKIN can bend to an accuracy of ± 0.5° for reliable repeatability. Quick change tooling on a universal tool bed. Simple and robust.

  • RDB-42 – A powered tube bending machine with 42mm Ø x 3mm WT max capacity
  • RDB-76 – A powered tube bending machine with 76mm Ø x 4mm WT max capacity


Keep your eye out for more in the coming soon soon!

Not seeing a video you want?

Are you looking for a video we haven’t uploaded yet? Don’t worry, it’s coming soon! Until then, feel free to call us on 02476210123 or email us on to speak to an expert.

Additionally, remember you can send us your material sample and request that we demonstrate the application on your exact material and requirements!