Send us a material sample and receive a virtual demonstration!
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Send us a material sample and receive a virtual demonstration!

Ship us a sample of your material and receive a video demonstration!

Recent times have shown that it is not always be possible to make visit to our showroom in-person. That is why if you prefer, you can ship us a small quantity of your material and receive a showroom video with your exact sample being used in one of our machines. We promise to always serve you however you feel is most convenient, and also safest.

If you’re unable to visit, for whatever reason, whether it be distance, health, or anything else, a DIMAKIN expert will happily give you a virtual demonstration of the machine. This can be done either live, or pre-recorded. It can also include any material samples you wish to send ahead of time.

This doesn’t just make sense due to recent health and safety guidance. DIMAKIN has many customers the entire length and breadth of the UK, from Lands End to John O Groats! If you live in Scotland, you shouldn’t be expected to travel hundreds of miles with a section of extruded aluminium just to prove your application. Instead, we are more than happy for you to put your material in a box and ship it to us! As soon as we receive it an expert will unpackage it and process it. Additionally, we are happy to record it! We can even ship it back!

Without ever leaving your workshop, you can prove that a DIMAKIN machine is the perfect machine for you.

DIMAKIN Showroom Samples Slip Rolls
DIMAKIN Coventry Showroom

Reading the specifications from a manual or data sheet is one thing. However, seeing your real-world material cut or bent is entirely different. For example, we all know perfectly well that a CS-350-DM coldsaw can cut your 120mm aluminium. However, what is hard to communicate with a list of words and numbers is what this process involves. How long does the cut take? How clean is the cut? Are there any burrs that need addressing? How loud is the machine?


  1. Call or email and discuss your application, your material, and your requirements.
  2. Ship your material to our showroom in Coventry.
  3. Sit back and relax. Soon, a DIMAKIN expert will set up a showroom machine, and process your material. If you asked for it to be recorded, for example to see cycle speed or sound, this can be done!
  4. You will soon receive your material sample back in the post. Additionally, if requested, you will receive an email with photos or videos of the showroom demonstration.
  5. After you are completely satisfied it is the right machine for you, it’s time to order your own machine!

So you want to send some material to our showroom? If yes, contact us at with the details! Be sure to include what material it is, and your application!

Coldsaw Samples
Material sample before and after a Coldsaw demonstration

Make a Showroom Appointment

Alternatively, would you like to come and see the machines in person? Get hands-on and use the machines for your application before you make up your mind? The old-school way is still fine! Call us and make a showroom appointment on +44 (0)2476 210 123 today!


DIMAKIN’s fully working showroom is located in Coventry. Just 10 minutes (5 miles) drive from the M6, Junction 2.

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