TOP 5 Key Features of DIMAKIN Horizontal Bandsaws
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TOP 5 Key Features of DIMAKIN Horizontal Bandsaws

The DIMAKIN range of horizontal bandsaws in the ‘manual’ category come with many unique, time saving, and quality-improving features! Below we have chosen just five that we think make your fabrication life easier and better quality!

ONE. Hydraulic or manual descent optional

Despite being categorised in the ‘manual’ range, there is very little manual operation required with any DIMAKIN metal bandsaws. Of course, the vise operation is manual, but the descent can be manual or automatic! That is to say, you are free to manually descend the bandsaws bow yourself if you wish. To do this, you can switch the machine to manual mode, and use a trigger to control the blade, while descending the bow. Alternatively, however, you can switch the machine to hydraulic descent mode. During this mode, you can utilise the hydraulic descent feature of all DIMAKIN bandsaws. With a simple dial, you can adjust the descent speed, press a single button, and allow the cut to complete hands-free! Moreover, when the blade reaches the material bed, it will automatically stop with a convenient auto-shut-off mechanism.

TWO. Precision speed control

The speed of your blade is a very important element of quality cutting, and a well looked after machine. Cutting at the wrong speed and feed can overload your motor. By cutting too slow, you risk having too many teeth contacting the material at any one time. Similarly, a blade speed too slow can clog up your blade gullets resulting in rubbing, not cutting. Generally, the rule is blade speed should be slower for harder materials, faster for softer materials.

All horizontal bandsaws sold in the DIMAKIN range come with inverter driven speed management. This feature allows almost infinite control over the speed of the blade, displayed with a digital readout (DRO), giving perfect peace of mind as to the quality of your cutting opaeration.

Horizontal Metal Bandsaws

Cutting Speed on Horizontal Bandsaws:

Stainless steel: between 30 – 40 mpm
Mild steel: between 45 – 65 mpm
Aluminum: between 80 – 85 mpm

If your cutting speed is too fast it will decrease blade life. This will be characterised by material chips in the bed being very fine & blued (burned) or if cutting a solid section, big and blue.

TOO SLOW: If your cutting speed is too slow, it will cause premature blade breakages. This can also cause the blade to rub and not cut, and can be characterised by very thin chips, and excessive noise.

OPTIMUM: If your cutting speed if just right you will get perfect chips. Perfect chips are tight and curly, warm but not hot, and not coloured by blueing.

THREE. Blade tension gauge

A correctly tensioned blade is imperative for the long life of your machine. If the blade is too tight, the smallest miscalculation on blade feed and speed could cause the blade to snap. Not only becoming expensive, but also dangerous to the operator. Alternatively, not tight enough can also lead to the snapping of the blade, proceeding the overloading of the motor. A more costly part to replace than a blade! Consequently, all metal cutting bandsaws from DIMAKIN feature a blade tension guide, allowing you perfect control over your blade pressure. This simple to read pressure-gauge will give peace of mind before, during, and after blade changeovers.

FOUR. Integrated coolant system

Cutting fluid is an extremely important part of all abrasive type machining activities. It keeps both the part and the tooling cool. In the instance of bandsaws, it increases the life of the blade. All DIMAKIN horizontal bandsaws come with an in-build flood coolant system, built into the stand of the saw. This coolant system is independently operated with a separate motor, and can be turned on and off separately from the blade operation if necessary. The coolant is dual fed before and after the vise, helping to keep all parts optimum temperature for quality cuts.

FIVE. Quick cam-lock vice

One of the worst tasks is a repetitive task. However, one thing that makes these tasks a little better is a feature to increase efficiency. This will help in cutting down the time it takes to a minimum. Because of this, metal cutting bandsaws such as the BS-270-SM and all others have a ‘quick-lock’ vise. This cam-locking mechanism allows a quick and short movement of a handle to advance or retract the vice by several millimeters, releasing or clamping on the part. This reduces the necessity to fully withdraw the vise with the main wheel. When continually sawing the same material size, this design can be used to maximum effect to considerably reduce operation times.

By now, hopefully the quality of DIMAKIN horizontal bandsaws is evident.

However, if you’re still on the fence, feel free to contact one of our experts. Call us 02476 210 123 or email at, and arrange a showroom appointment today!