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What does DIMAKIN have in store for 2021?

2020 has been a fantastic year at DIMAKIN, and our exciting new plans for expansion are going to ensure our customers are always getting the best experience from being in the DIMAKIN family.

+ More stock!

Machines have been flying off the shelves faster than we can put them back. Because of this, we are massively increasing our UK held stock holding in 2021.

More metalworking machines, in more UK warehouses.

This will mean there will never be an out of stock machine. No lead times, no waiting. Just free next day delivery of the exact machine you need. Every time.

+ More ranges!

Not only are we working hard to massively increase the stock of the tried and tested machinery we currently supply UK fabricators with, but we will be massively updating our catalogue ranges.

After lots of development, DIMAKIN are almost ready to start shipping many new types of machinery to fabricators and workshops throughout the UK and the rest of the word.  Keep your eyes peeled throughout 2021 for new industrial level ranges becoming available!

Of those arriving in 2021, these machines types will include; tube polishing machines, tube notching machines, tube deburring machines, vertical mills, and industrial precision lathes, to name just a few!

Furthermore, among these machinery types there will be several subcategories of machine to suit your preference. Abrasive belt style tube polishing machines compared to wheel style tube polishing machines, allowing the return to a mirror-finish after manipulation.

Additionally, the choice between abrasive belt style tube notchers or an innovative eccentric mill type machine that allows all diameters up to 76mm (3”) to be notched with a single end mill bit tool.

Exciting times to come.

+ Feel closer, from a distance

We’ve learned a lot of lessons from 2020, and it has become clearer than ever that it may not always be possible to make an in-person visit to our showroom.

If you’re unable to visit, for whatever reason, whether it is distance, health, or otherwise, a DIMAKIN expert will happily give you a virtual-demo of the machine. This can be done either live or pre-recorded, and can also include any material samples you wish to send ahead of time.

In addition to this, we’re so proud of our machines, we’re working on creating 360° photography images of them. This will allow you to fully inspect the machinery before you purchase. You will be able to spin the machine around with a flick of your wrist, inspecting every angle.

+ Start Up help videos

We know paper manuals are boring. Because of this, we will be working on producing an introductory video for every single model of machine we sell.

When you’ve joined the DIMAKIN family, you’ll be sent an in-depth start up video with all the things you need to know about your machine. These videos will not only include all the features of the machine, but much more. They will include top tips and tricks to get the most out of your metalworking machine, common troubleshooting advice, and beyond.

You will be an expert before you even turn your new machine on!

Dimakin Videos
DIMAKIN Videos – Coming Soon

DIMAKIN Planning for 2021!

We’ve very excited at all the things that are coming together to make 2021 an amazing year.

We hope that you will join us and be part of the journey!