Which DIMAKIN Coldsaw is the right model for you? DIMAKIN Machinery
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Which DIMAKIN Coldsaw is the right model for you?

So, you’ve decided you need a coldsaw. Maybe you’re replacing your old machine, or perhaps you’re setting up a new workshop from scratch!

Now you need to decide which DIMAKIN coldsaw is exactly the right model for you.

All of DIMAKIN’s coldsaws come with exceptional build quality and are capable of cutting almost all types of common steel. However, there are a few considerations you can take to decide on exactly the right machine for your workshop.


The entry model for a DIMAKIN coldsaw is the CS-250-DM. As the smallest machine in the range, it is also the easiest on the wallet. However, with a limited size comes limited capacity. On the other end of the spectrum is currently the CS-350-DM. This machine carries the belt for the largest capacity in the standard range. Your first decision will be the financial burden. You need to ask yourself is bigger always better? Do you need the larger machine, or will the basic model serve you fine? As much as we would always suggest future proofing your purchase, sometimes mid-range is just right.

Most importantly to DIMAKIN is that you have the perfect machine for you.

All DIMAKIN Coldsaws come with exceptional build quality


The next most obvious consideration is capacity. Starting at a respectable 75mm round tube capacity, and mitering 45° both ways, even the entry level model is nothing to sniff at. However, moving up through the range, the vices become larger, the motors become a little more powerful, and the coldsaws can handle more and more.

Ask yourself whether you are happy to limit your capacity to more compact machines, or whether you need the ability to go bigger.


All DIMAKIN coldsaws, even the single speed models, are capable of cutting all common types of steel and aluminium. The key here, is to be using the correct blade for the material you are cutting. Generally speaking, coarser tooth counts for softer materials, and higher tooth count for harder materials. What you need to do is strike a balance between each tooth taking its fair share of the load, but also not clogging up the gullet of the blade.

One key advantage of the CS-350-DM models over its smaller counterparts in this aspect, is a variable speed option. The CS-350-DM is inverter driven, and can run from 24 rpm to 120 rpm at the flick of the wrist. Because of this, with this machine you have the added benefit of being able to run faster for softer materials such as aluminium. Conversley, you can slow down for harder materials such as stainless. This will help further improve the life of your blade, but is it an upgrade necessary to your workshop?

All DIMAKIN Coldsaws are capable of cutting all common types of steel and aluminium


Finally, you must look to the future. A very important consideration to your purchase, which is easy to overlook, is tomorrow. Where do you expect to be in five years? Ten years? Fifteen? When a machine is likely to last you this long, it would be a false economy to have to upgrade prematurely. Future proofing your workshop investment can be more expensive initially, but will save you in the long run. Sure, you never cut larger than 85mm tube now, and the coldsaw CS-275-DM is the perfect machine! Nevertheless, what might your requirements be in a few years from now? Will you be cutting different materials? Might you be needing to cut larger?

Do you have any questions about DIMAKIN Coldsaws?

In reading through the above, hopefully you have been able to answer some questions specific to your own applications and requirements. With any luck it has helped you in your decision-making process.

In addition to this, if there is anything you feel we haven’t covered well enough, or have any further questions at all, feel free to call us on 02476210123 or email us on sales@dimakin.co.uk.