With 2021 ending, and 2022 on the horizon… - DIMAKIN Machinery
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With 2021 ending, and 2022 on the horizon…

As 2021 draws to an end, we at DIMAKIN want to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers. Thank you for choosing to improve your workshops with fabrication machinery from DIMAKIN!


We’re making commitments to ourselves and promises to our customers to keep improving during 2022! These include, but are not limited to:


We’re extremely proud of our high rate of exceptional service. We try very hard to ensure to almost all orders dispatch the same day as order. Orders are also dispatched on a free priority next-day delivery to get you up and running faster.


Our after sales team of expert engineers are always on the end of an email or a call. No matter whether you just have questions about machine operation, or whether your machine is encountering issues. We’re just as keen to ensure that you are getting the most out of your machine when you have it, as we are to supply it to you. There is no expiration to when you can talk to us about your machine.

Once you join the DIMAKIN family, you are in it for the life of the machine.


During the past two years it has been necessary to offer both in person and video-call demonstration options. This has opened a whole new world of opportunity, and no matter what happens in the future, we’re keeping them. We’ve learned that, whether it be safety concerns, time, or distance, in person is not always possible. Because of this we are keeping video-demonstrations and remote application testing as key options! Feel free to send us your material in the mail for us to cut or bend and return to you. Additionally, we can send you videos, or live chat to you via an online chat provider!


Our machine videos were a big hit. They are extremely useful and informative. However, they also help visualise operations of the machine that don’t come to life as well from images or descriptions. Because of this we will be expanding our YouTube channel and providing videos on more models. We hope to have every single video produced in the not too distant future!


With an unfortunate combination of electrical component shortages, raw steel shortages, and container shortages, keeping stock on the shelves was certainly a challenge in 2021. In light of this, we are investing heavily to ensure that we are never out of stock of any machine. Our purchasing department is constantly busy forecasting supply and demand, ensuring that you, the customer, get the machine you want.

Fabrication machinery from DIMAKIN


As always, DIMAKIN are always working hard to develop new ranges of machinery to the UK market. For example, as promised, in 2021 we introduced TUBE FINISHING MACHINES, a TUBE POLISHING MACHINE, and a TUBE DEBURRING MACHINE. Our consistent effort to source new ranges of machinery will continue in 2022 and beyond, so watch this space!

We hope that those of you who have not yet, will join us and be part of the DIMAKIN family!