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Powered Slip Rolls – Sheet Metal Roller – Plate Rolls – Bending Rolls

Powered slip rolls from DIMAKIN apply all of the great features of the manual machines, with the added benefit of no physical exertion!

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High Performing Metalworking Machines. Quality Solutions. Affordable Prices.

At DIMAKIN we are committed to making the customer experience the best it can be. From demonstrations, to purchase, to aftercare, we work hard to make every step as smooth as possible.

Our top-quality sales and service team have decades of expertise in the field and are here to make sure your new machinery is a perfect fit for your application. No matter the scale or size, we can find a machine that can accommodate your needs.

At DIMAKIN we do not just have customers, we have partnerships, and we aim to provide the best quality machines, at the most affordable prices. We are here to break standard, not your wallet.

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