Bandsaw BS-420-DM - Metal Cutting Bandsaw - Horizontal Bandsaw
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Bandsaw BS-420-DM

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The Bandsaw BS-420-DM is suitable for medium to large output fabrication workshops. The Bandsaw BS-420-DM is perfect if you need a bit more machine than the BS-310-SM. Like its smaller counterparts, this bandsaw miters up to 60° left, however the Horizontal Bandsaw BS-420-DM can also mitre 45° right. Similarly to the Bandsaw BS-310-SM, it has a 27mm blade depth to further increase the accuracy with the increased capacity. Combined with the standard manual blade tension adjustment, the Metal Cutting Bandsaw BS-420-DM will give perfectly straight cuts time after time.

Despite its high capacity, this industrial bandsaw also benefits from using a single phase motor, meaning it can also be powered almost anywhere. As with all DIMAKIN bandsaws, the Bandsaw BS-420-DM comes standard with an automatic stop when the blade reaches the bed, or the option to switch from hydraulic descent to manual control with the flick of a switch.

An inverter-driven blade allows precision control between 20 – 85m/min. This ensures the perfect cut every time, while also maximising the life of your blade. Lastly, a self-contained coolant system is a standard feature. This further prolongs the life length of your blade and ensures a lifetime of industrial quality cutting.

Lastly, this machine features a blade tension gauge to accurately review your blade tension is suitable.

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Bandsaw BS-420-DM FEATURES:

  • Compact and economical
  • Largest in the standard range
  • Suitable medium to large output workshops
  • Manual or hydraulic descent
  • Precision blade speed
  • Mitres up to 60° left, 45° right
  • 27mm blade depth for precise cutting
  • Coolant system as standard to extend blade life
  • Adjustable blade tension
  • Blade tension gauge
  • Cam locking vice
  • Material stop
  • Blade stops automatically when cut is finished
  • Single phase

If this machine is too big for your needs at this time, consider checking out the smaller machine in the range!

For more information, call (+44) 02476 210 123 today!


ROUND CUTTING CAPACITY 90°/45°/60°/45°L270mm/240mm/160mm/210mm
SQUARE CUTTING CAPACITY 90°/45°/60°/45°L260mm/220mm/150mm/180mm
RECTANGLE CUTTING CAPACITY 90°/45°/45°L350mm x 220mm/240mm x 160mm/180mm x 180mm
MITREDual (0-60°R & 0-45°L)
BLADE DIMENSIONS27mm x 0.9mm x 3160mm
BLADE SPEED20 – 85m/min
DESCENTHydraulic or manual
POWERSingle phase
SHIPPING DIMENSIONS410kg 1840mm x 750 x 1090mm


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