C-Frame Press CFP-150T - C-Frame Hydraulic Press Machines - 150 ton
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C-Frame Press CFP-150T

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The C-Frame Press CFP-150T is among the highest in the standard range of C-Frame Presses. DIMAKIN’s range of C-Frame Presses work up to 250 ton capacity, but can also produce forces according to customer requirements.

C-type presses are used to bend, punch, cut, and straighten depending on the tooling used. Made easier easier with its open sided design, C-Frame presses are absolutely ideal for users with applications requiring forces between 30 and 250 tons. Furthermore, they can come in automatic and manual configurations.

DIMAKIN C-Frame presses also have an easily adjustable stroke, resulting in maximum precision for all tasks.

Finally, DIMAKIN C-Frame presses all comply with the latest CE standards, ensuring the highest quality available.

In conclusion, DIMAKIN’s C-Frame presses are the perfect companion to any workshop requiring an adaptable hydraulic machine, capable of many fabrication tasks!

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C-Frame Press CFP-150T FEATURES:

  • Two hand button control
  • Adjustable variable pressure
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • T-slotted table
  • Strong steel welded frame

In addition to the C-Frame Press  CFP-150T, check out the full range of C-Frame Presses!

For more information, call (+44) 02476 210 123 today!


Capacity150 ton
Table size800mm x 600mm
Pump33+9 litres
Down speed12mm/s
Return speed21mm/s
Working speed3mm/s
Dimensions1700mm x 1600mm x 2900mm


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