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Ring Roller RH-703

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DIMAKIN’s Ring Rollers series of hydraulic top roll profile bending machines are the backbone of the biggest selection of roll benders in the world. Much like all DIMAKIN machines, the Ring Roller RH-703 is extremely user-friendly.

Whether you are an experienced fabricator, or a beginner to profile bending, they are exceptionally straight forward to use. Firstly, the top roll position is displayed on a DRO (digital read-out), based within the free-standing operator control unit. Because of this DRO, the Ring Roller RH-703 is perfect for those applications that require multiple passes, where repeatability is key.

Comparably to its smaller capacity counterpart (the RH-603) the Ring Roller RH-703 has three powered rolls instead of just the lower two. This extra driven roll enables the machine to use smooth tooling, reducing marking on the material. Moreover, it also enables tighter radii to be formed.

Both horizontal and vertical working positions ensure that even in the smallest work-spaces, an Ring Roller series profile bender will have its place.

The Ring Roller series is a perfect combination of capacity, repeatability, ease of use. Additionally, bringing a reduction in production cycle times, while being incredibly effortless to use.

In conclusion, the Ring Roller RH-703 is a powerful machine, with a small footprint, that will find its place in any fabrication setting.

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Ring Roller RH-703 FEATURES:

  • Robust and compact design
  • Three driven rolls
  • Top roll programmable digital read-out (DRO)
  • Hydraulic top roll position controlled by pedestal
  • Standard flat tooling with many size configurations
  • Hundreds of optional and custom tooling available
  • Lateral guide rolls
  • Horizontal & vertical working positions
  • Foot pedal operated
  • Emergency stop

However, if a manual top roll model is more your style, see the whole range of Manual Ring Rollers!

For more information, call (+44) 02476 210 123 today!


Flat bar (hard way) 70×12 Ø1800
Flat bar (easy way) 70×20 Ø1000
Solid square 45×45 Ø1000
Solid round Ø45 Ø1000
Tube Ø70×3 Ø3000
Pipe Ø76,1×3,2 Ø2500
Rectangular hollow section 70x30x3
Square hollow section 50x50x3
Angle (toe out) 50x50x5 Ø700
Angle (toe in) 50x50x5 Ø700
T-section (toe out) 70×5 Ø700
T-section (toe in) 70×5 Ø900
T-section (toe up) 70×5 Ø900
Channel section (toes out) UPN 80 Ø1200
Channel section (toes in) UPN 80 Ø1200
Section mod (cm3)20
Power5,5kW-7hp 3-phase/400V
Tool Ø (mm)170/108
Shaft Ø (mm)55/55
Weight (Kg)600
Dimensions (mm)1300x890x1550
SHIPPING DIMENSIONS650kg 1300 x 890 x 1550mm

Standard Rolls

One set of rolls is required for each tube OD

Special rolls for thin wall profiles

Special profile


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