Manual Ring Roller RM-502 Two Driven Drolls - Roll Bending Machine
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Manual Ring Roller RM-502

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DIMAKIN’s Ring Roller manual range is entry level to the biggest range of section benders in the world. Particularly the Ring Roller RM-502. Firstly, machines in the Ring Roller range are extremely user-friendly. They are also the most economical way of roll bending a wide variety of different profiles.

Much like all roll benders in the Ring Roller range, the top roll position is manually adjusted. Additionally, there is a basic notched scale that ensures basic repeatability in single pass production runs. Another feature of the Ring Roller RM-502 is that it has two driven lower rolls, as a result, its ridged tooling can grip and pull through the material with ease.

Because of the Ring Roller series’ simplicity and reliability, these machines ensure that anyone from apprentices through to experienced workers will easily maximise its capabilities.

Both horizontal and vertical working positions ensure that even in the smallest workspaces, the Ring Roller RM-502 profile bender will have its place, especially due to its extremely economical footprint.

In short, the RM series, and in particular the Ring Roller RM-502, is a great, cost-effective way to get into profile bending.

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Ring Roller RH-602 FEATURES:

  • Very compact design
  • Two driven rolls
  • Manual top roll position
  • Standard flat tooling with many size configurations
  • Hundreds of optional and custom tooling available
  • Lateral guide rolls
  • Double speed motors
  • Horizontal & vertical working positions
  • Foot pedal operated
  • Emergency stop
  • Storage cabinet

If a hydraulic model is more your style, see the whole range of Hydraulic Ring Rollers!

For more information, call (+44) 02476 210 123 today!


Flat bar (hard way) 50×10 Ø800
Flat bar (easy way) 80×15 Ø700
Solid square 35×35 Ø1400
Solid round Ø30 Ø700
Tube Ø50×2 Ø800
Pipe Ø33,7×2,6 Ø900
Rectangular hollow section 50x30x3
Square hollow section 40x40x3
Angle (toe out) 40x40x5 Ø400
Angle (toe in) 40x40x5 Ø500
T-section (toe out) 50×5 Ø800
T-section (toe in) 50×5 Ø950
T-section (toe up) 50×5 Ø950
Channel section (toes out) UPN 50 Ø400
Channel section (toes in) UPN 50 Ø500
Power1,1kW-1,5hp 1-phase/240V
Tool Ø (mm)149-79/118-59
Shaft Ø (mm)30/30
Weight (Kg)250
Dimensions (mm)660x760x1420
Section mod (cm3)10
SHIPPING DIMENSIONS250kg 1000 x 750 x 1500mm

Standard Rolls

 One set of rolls is required for each tube OD

 Special rolls for thin wall profiles

 Special profile


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