Sheet Metal Shear HS-1320 - Sheet Metal Guillotine- Hydraulic Guillotine
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Sheet Metal Shear HS-1320

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Practically all fabricators need to crop and guillotine sheet steel. DIMAKIN’s line of sheet metal guillotines are true pillars of any workshop, and this machine is no exception. The Sheet Metal Shear HS-1320 is a hydraulically powered industrial level guillotine.

Operated with a foot pedal for maximum convenience, this shear has a capacity of 2mm mild steel across its full length of 1320mm (52”). As a result of this manoeuvrable foot pedal, the operator can be fully hands free for more control over the material. 

Due to its hydraulic operation, the high chromium steel blades can stroke at up to 35 times per minute. In addition to the blade being made from durable steel, it is also reversible for a longer life before needing sharpening. 

The Sheet Metal Shear HS-1320 has a 600mm front arm support with material guides. It also has a 600mm back gauge, both of which are scaled for accuracy. Furthermore, both front and back are guarded to CE standards for maximum safety. These safety features also include an auto-shut-off light curtain at the back. 

In short, this machine is a powerful shear and will prove its worth for years to come for any fabricator who cuts sheet material. 

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Sheet Metal Shear HS-1320 FEATURES:

  • Hydraulically powered 
  • Foot activated 
  • High strength, reversible blades 
  • Material view-holes 
  • Material arms and guides
  • Scaled material bed 
  • CE compliant guarding 


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For more information, you can also call (+44) 02476 210 123 today!


Cutting length1320mm
Cutting capacity (mild steel)2mm
Cutting Capacity (stainless steel)1.2mm
Strokes per minute35
Front arm support600mm
Back gauge600mm
Cutting angle1° 40′
Shipping dimensions950mm x 1850mm x 1270mm
Shipping weight780kgs


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