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Periodic service packages for your metalworking machine.

You’ve bought your machinery, and a year has passed. Thanks to the quality of the machine, nothing eventful went wrong! But what can you expect from DIMAKIN next?

No matter how well you treat something, you will need to upkeep it. Some customers are happy to do this themselves, and some aren’t confident. In the case that you aren’t, or even if you just don’t want to, DIMAKIN are here for you.

DIMAKIN’s Periodic Service Packages

Whatever level of cover you want, DIMAKIN can accommodate exactly what you need when it comes to servicing your machine beyond year one.  Whether you want semi-annual servicing, annual servicing, or bi-annual servicing. You’re even able to call and request an infrequent one-off service whenever you feel like it! We’re completely flexible what sort of aftercare service you feel you require.

Full-Service Inspection

Depending on the machinery you have, our dedicated expert engineers will perform a full-service inspection, complete with check list. This will include changing oils and coolants, greasing bearings, and checking for general wear and tear. In addition to many other points specific to the machinery you have.  Just like an MOT for your car, you will also receive advisories to keep an eye on, with the option to have spare parts fitted if required.

DIMAKIN’s UK central location

Both DIMAKIN workshops and warehouses are based in Coventry, West Midlands. Because of this, DIMAKIN’s UK-central location means that no matter where you are based, we will never be too far away.

As the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine.
With a periodic service package in place you can be safe in the knowledge that your machine should never go down!

So, if you want DIMAKIN’s amazing services to continue after your 1 year (12-month) warranty is over, then we’re just at the end of the phone or email!

Continued advice

As we always like to say, once you buy a DIMAKIN metalworking machine, you’re a part of the DIMAKIN family for the lifetime of your machine.

Got a question about a new application you want to give a try? Need some advice on how to use your machine? There’s no deadline when you can ask us by.

If you want to book in one of our services, or have any more questions regarding servicing packages for your DIMAKIN machinery, talk with our team!

For more information, please call a member of the team on +44 02476 210 123 or vist our FAQ‘s.