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All about Box and Pan Folders

DIMAKIN Heavy Duty Sheet Metal Box and Pan Folders are made with a rigid construction to allow zero flexing even under full capacity.

Metal Sheet Brakes are about as simple as it gets in metal fabrication. They are manual, have few parts, and have been around forever. But despite this, they remain, in a world full of technology. The reason for this is that their usefulness continues and is proven in almost every single fabrication workshop in the world.

Go into any university engineering department, and amongst the high-tech of the fully CNC machinery, and the fully automated machining centres, tube lasers, and lathes, somewhere, you will find a sheet metal brake that has stood the test of time.

When talking about Box and Pan Folders, this adds another dimension usefulness.

Between 11 and 16 machined and hardened ‘fingers’ make up the entire width of the machine, allowing for not only straight sheet to be bent, but for sheet with existing bends to be formed.

The ability to remove or adjust the fingers allows for supporting the bend only where needed.

In addition, it allows for removing the tooling from areas where it would otherwise clash with the machine. This feature allows for complex shapes and boxes to be formed, when carefully considering the order of operation.

The procedure for using a sheet metal brake is easy, and as simple as follows:

  1. Insert the sheet material between the bed and the clamping bar.
  2. Adjust the machine for the thickness of the material.
  3. Position the sheet along the desired orientation.
  4. Pull down the clamping handles to secure the material.
  5. Set the stop rod to desired angle (or freestyle!)
  6. Lift the handles of the apron with the assistance of the counterweight until desired angle is achieved (lift with your knees!)
  7. Return the apron and unclamp the material.

The bending capacity of all DIMAKIN machines is 135°, which also allows for hem bending. The procedure for this would be to begin by bending the material to the maximum of 135°. Then, flattening the hem completely under the clamping bar for thin material. For thicker material, by using the apron.

The Box and Pan Folder BP-1225 from DIMAKIN is a must-have in every metal fabrication workshop.

The Box and Pan Folder BP-1316 from DIMAKIN is the perfect entry level machine. 

As discussed, a key consideration for a box and pan folder, must be that it will surely last you for many, many years. Therefore, you should be looking to make an investment on a machine that is built to last.

With this is mind, DIMAKIN box and pan folders are made with a rigid construction to allow zero flexing even under full capacity. This includes both the frame, and also the apron, which incorporates supportive cross beams for added structural integrity.

A perfectly weighted and adjustable counterweight assists the operator in folding, so a single operator can use the machine at full capacity.

In addition to this, ergonomically designed handle grips, and machined and hardened fingers increase the high-quality of a machine that will last you many years to come.

Regardless of any growth your company may encounter, you will always need a box and pan folder!

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