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Slip Roll PR-1316M

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The Manual Slip Roll PR-1316M is a manual solution to rolling radii in sheet metal. With a respectable bending capacity of 1.6mm mild steel over its full length of 1270mm (50”), this machine can find a valuable place in almost any fabrication shop. This slip roll machine comes complete with three polished carbon steel rolls, offering many years of quality forming. Two of these three rolls are powered by the user with a hand-operated crank.  

In addition to the high-carbon metallurgy of the rolls, the rolls of the Slip Roll PR-1316M also come standard with three various sized wire grooves for rolling solid rod.  

Lastly, this machine can be bench mounted, or supported by the easy to assemble stand that comes as standard with the machine for maximum convenience.  

In conclusion, the Slip Roll PR-1316M is both a robust and versatile machine. This machine will quickly prove its worth in any fabrication setting for many years to come.

For more information, call (+44) 02476 210 123 today!

  • Manually operated 
  • Bench or stand mounted 
  • Three wire grooves for solid rod
  • High quality rolls 

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For more information, call (+44) 02476 210 123 today!


Rolling length1270mm
Rolling capacity (mild steel)1.6mm
Roll diameter75mm
Wire grooves3
Minimum forming radius50mm
Gear ratio3:1
Roll speedn/a
Shipping dimensions1740mm x 540mm x 610mm
Shipping weight300kgs